Single Bath tissue Small core 0.76"
Cod. 417703
Heavenly Soft
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Heavenly Soft small core bath tissue is ideal for businesses that want to offer extra comfort while delivering on sustainability efforts. The smaller core helps reduce waste generation for facilities such as hotels, restaurants and office buildings.

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Code: 417703
Material: Virgin Pulp
Color: White
Roll length (feet): 502
Roll diameter (inch): 5.91
Core diameter (inch): 0.75
Plies: 2
Tear numbers: 2
Sheet height (inch): 3.74
Sheet length (inch): 4.02

Bath Tissue

Papernet offers a wide range of environmentally responsible, space-saving and biodegradable toilet paper. We harness different technologies to produce bath tissue of varying sizes and characteristics to meet the needs of facilities of all types and sizes.

Next level softness

Our Heavenly Soft line is ideal for areas that require a little extra comfort and quality, such as high-end hotels, office buildings, restaurants and other businesses wishing to provide customers with a more pleasant experience. With three distinct options - Superior, Special and Standard - the range aligns with different budgets and preferences.

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