Giant multifold Dissolve Tech
Cod. 410929
Dissolve Tech
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Dissolve Tech Giant Multifold hand towels are generously sized and behave like conventional hand towels when used, but dissolve like toilet paper in about three minutes upon contact with water, eliminating worry around toilet clogs. Dissolve Tech hand towels are ideal for airplanes, trains, ships and more.

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Code: 410929
Material: Virgin Pulp
Color: White
Embossing: Wave
Plies: 2
Tear numbers: 115
Sheet height (inch): 12.60
Sheet length (inch): 9.09


Multifold towels utilize a trifold design for easier roll changes. Go coreless and reduce waste with this environmentally friendly option.

Strong and safe for flushing

Papernet’s Dissolve Tech offers high absorbency and strength plus the ability to dissolve in about three minutes upon contact with water. The unique formula was developed from years of scientific research and innovation. Dissolve Tech hand towels behave like conventional hand towels, without the risk of toilet clogs if they are eventually flushed. This makes them ideal for airplanes, trains, ships and more. Dissolve Tech offers greater absorbency, delivering cost savings up to 30%. Fewer toilet clogs leads to lower maintenance costs, increased cleanliness in restrooms, increased safety for occupants and greater environmental responsibility.

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