Center Pull Towel Dry Tech
Cod. 410094
Dry Tech
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Dry Tech products are created using air. To add comfort, softness and absorption, air flows through the fibers and creates air pockets, increasing the paper’s bulk – a process called Through-Air Drying. Dry Tech Center Pull hand towels offer increased wet and dry strength, unparalleled softness and added absorbency due to their unique production process. 

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Code: 410094
Material: Virgin Pulp
Color: White
Roll length (feet): 400
Roll diameter (inch): 7.87
Core diameter (inch): 2.91
Plies: 1
Tear numbers: 400
Sheet height (inch): 7.60
Sheet length (inch): 12.01

Center Pull Towel

Center Pull Towels from Papernet are durable and economical. One-at-a-time dispensing is ideal for high-traffic facilities and helps reduce paper waste.

Light as air

Papernet’s Dry Tech technology uses through-air drying to create air pockets between the paper’s fibers. This results in increased wet and dry strength, unparalleled softness and added absorbency.  The Dry Tech range offers seamless dispensing, maximum performance and improved guest satisfaction. 

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