A Commitment to Clean Living
August 26, 2021

By: Philip Malley, PhD, Environmental Sustainability Manager, Sofidel America  

The importance of cleanliness has never been more clear than over the last 18 months. The pandemic has led to new public attitudes around cleanliness and preferences regarding hygiene, especially in away-from-home environments. “Clean Living” defines Sofidel because we understand the benefits that a cleaner world has on people and the planet.  

Sofidel’s 2020 Integrated Report details our ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility and offers a closer look at recent goal progress, including repurposing and reducing plastic waste, increasing its use of fibers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) and curbing carbon emissions. This report affirms that we are making measurable and impactful improvements to lower our environmental footprint while still delivering high-quality sustainable hygiene solutions.

Read on to learn how Papernet, Sofidel’s AFH brand, is making a major impact on our world.

Taking Pride in our Progress

Papernet’s mission of sustainable hygiene puts environmental and hygiene performance at the forefront. There are numerous ways that the brand is doing good for our planet, including:

  • Creatively repurposing waste The purchase of each Papernet HyTech Seas dispenser supports the ongoing fight against ocean plastic pollution. The toilet paper and paper towel dispensers are manufactured with fishing nets recovered from the ocean. For every 582 toilet paper dispensers manufactured, this equates to one ton of recovered fishing nets. Meanwhile, every 484 paper towel dispensers repurposes one ton of fishing nets.
  • Rethinking the use of conventional plastic packaging – In addition to removing plastic that has already made its way into the environment, we are also committed to reducing the amount of plastic that ends up there in the first place. We apply this “less is more” philosophy by offering select Papernet Heavenly Soft products in cardboard packaging. These sustainable solutions reduce unnecessary packaging and waste and are part of a company-wide effort to reduce the use of conventional plastics in production by 50% by 2030. Sofidel’s global effort has led to paper packaging replacing plastic for more than 100 Sofidel products and a 550-metric-ton reduction in the use of plastic materials.
  • Responsibly sourcing of raw materialsSelect Papernet brand products have earned certification from FSC®. This means they meet the highest standards for sustainable forestry. Sofidel is committed to environmentally responsible forest management and production. In 2020, 74% of the pulp purchased to produce Sofidel products was FSC® certified and the company was honored with a 2020 FSC® Leadership Award for effectively selling FSC® to its retail partners.
  • Reducing emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gases – In 2009, Sofidel set a goal to lower carbon dioxide emissions from the production process by 23% by the year 2020. The innovative equipment and techniques we deploy at our manufacturing facilities in Circleville, Ohio, Inola, Oklahoma, and outside of the U.S. enabled us to exceed this target with a 24% reduction.

A Cleaner Planet for Everyone

We depend on the natural world, and we have a responsibility to protect it. Sofidel’s and Papernet’s commitments to “Clean Living” and “sustainable hygiene” not only protect the planet but also the people who call it home. The 2020 Integrated Report illustrates our ongoing efforts to supporting the forests, the oceans and everywhere in between. Even in this extraordinary year, we were able to make significant strides to limit waste and promote sustainable forestry.

To learn more, visit https://integrated-report.sofidel.com/.

Philip Malley, PhD, is the Environmental Sustainability Manager for Sofidel, a world leader in the manufacture of paper for hygienic and domestic use.