Door Tissue Hand Towel

Code 411186

Papernet Door Tissue Hand Towel

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Code: 411186

Quality: Superior

Material: Pure cellulose

Color: White

Embossing: Wave

Plies: 2

Grammage (g/m2): 18.5

Centrefeed: No

Tear numbers: 224

Tear height (cm): 21

Sheet length (cm): 11

Fold dimension (cm): 11 x 10.50

Pieces/Consumption units: 224

Packaging: Printed paper banderole

Net weight (Kg): 0.181

Gross weight (Kg): 0.183

Pack: 40

Packaging: Printed box

Volume (m3): 0.053

Net weight (Kg): 7.244

Gross weight (Kg): 7.944

Case/pallet: 40

Base parts/pallet: 4

Height parts/pallet: 10

Height pallet: 249

Compatible dispenser

Door Tissue Antibacterial Dispenser

Cod. 411187

Door Tissue Antibacterial Dispenser

Quality Superior

Technology Hy Tech