Napkins 25x25

Code 415229

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Code: 415229

Quality: Special

Material: Pure cellulose

Food contact: Yes

Color: Bordeaux

Plies: 2

Grammage (g/m2): 17

Brightness: 85

Tear numbers: 100

Tear height (cm): 25

Sheet length (cm): 25

Fold dimension (cm): 12.5x12.5

Ean: 8024929252298

Pieces/Consumption units: 100

Packaging: Printed poly

Net weight (Kg): 0.206

Gross weight (Kg): 0.209

Ean: 8024929552299

Pack: 20

Packaging: Printed box

Height (cm): 22.5

Width (cm): 38.7

Length (cm): 22.5

Volume (m3): 0.025

Net weight (Kg): 4.125

Gross weight (Kg): 4.449

Case/pallet: 36

Base parts/pallet: 9

Height parts/pallet: 4

Height pallet: 117 (x2)

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