Papernet Freshen Tech granted the 2019 PPI Award for innovation in paper
12 mars 2019

Papernet Freshen Tech won the PPI (Pulp & Paper International) Award 2019 in the Tissue Innovation category yesterday in Vienna.
The product, designed for the Away from Home market and therefore for bars, hotels, restaurants, communities, transports, is able to eliminate bad smells thanks to an active principle that modifies their molecular structure.
The active ingredient, particularly innovative and with no allergens, allows Freshen Tech users to avoid the use of alternative products and to reduce the time and costs of deodorising, with a significant benefit also for the environment, in terms of reduction of CO2 emissions and gases harmful to the atmosphere.

The PPI Awards, promoted by RISI, recognizes the excellence of tissue at the international level.

The Tissue Innovation category award enhances the important product innovation work conducted by Sofidel, a paper group known in particular for the Regina brand.
Freshen Tech is the latest addition to a range of products that Sofidel, with its Papernet brand, has developed for the Away from Home sector with an eye to innovation.

Papernet Dissolve Tech is now a successful product, combining exceptional performances with very rapid water flush, and it avoids cloggings of pipes and systems; Papernet Bio Tech too, the biologically active paper already winner of the PPI Awards 2015, is now a succesful case history which thanks to the careful selection of a spore mix, sanitizes the pipes.

These results have been possible thanks to the huge investments in technologies, both paper and converting, that the Group has made over the years.