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EU Ecolabel or EU Flower

Ecolabel is the voluntary Type III ecological label recognised on a European level. It is a stylised daisy with the “E” of Europe at its centre, surrounded by stars representing the Member States. It was created by the European Commission in 1992 as a quality label awarded to product and service categories respecting precise ecological criteria. In particular, it indicates that the product guarantees a reduced environmental impact at every phase of its life cycle. For every product, the environmental aspects connected to its production are taken into consideration: the quality of the air, the water and the soil, waste production, resource and energy consumption, noise pollution, protection of the biodiversity. According to the principle of shared environmental management, the new Ecolabel Regulation 2010 establishes that the criteria adopted by the Commission are proposed by an Ecological Label Committee (CUEME) that sees the participation of all interested parties: Industry and SMEs, Consumer Associations, Environmental Associations. And the attention placed on the entire life cycle allows reducing the overall environmental impact, preventing the mere transfer of impacts from one phase to another. Through the Ecolabel, the consumer has access to reliable and scientifically based information on the products’ environmental impact. Additionally, Ecolabel products guarantee effective product quality.