Disseminating a hygiene culture contributes to reducing illness and absenteeism, increasing productivity and enhancing the quality of life. Papernet products aim to supply the right instruments to reduce the threat of germs being transmitted.

Tissue handtowel 

Paper towels are the most hygienic way to dry hands. The use of paper hand towels is also recommended by the World Health Organization and by the prestigious University of Westminster. People washing hands prefer paper towels to driers.


Antibacterial soaps support hand hygiene, they have a strong effect on bacteria and succeed in eliminating them up to 90%, leaving skin soft.

Efficient solutions

The combination of paper towels and antibacterial soaps with their relative dispensers is the best and most satisfying way to ensure hands are sanitised. The surfaces of the dispensers are treated with silver ions, which act as antimicrobial agents, disrupting the life cycle of the bacteria cells.