Luxurious Paper products with increased Strength, Absorption and Softness

 Makes This Product Different

A unique construction allows plies of paper to be bonded and embossed together with glue for a softer “at-home” look and feel. 

This technology limits separation of plies and tissue tears for a more pleasant experience

Ideal products for areas that require a little extra comfort and quality like high-end hotels, office buildings, restaurants and any area wishing to provide customers with an improved restroom image.

The Diversity

We offer this superior quality in Single Bath Tissue, Jumbo Roll Tissue, Center Pull, Hardwound and Multifold

Heavenly Soft Superior Tissue is Biodegradable and Septic Safe. 

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Cod. 416002

Giant Multifold Heavenly Soft Superior

Quality Superior

Technology Heavenly Soft Superior