Twin Jumbo Roll 7" Proprierary Dispenser HyTech

Code 416009

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Code: 416009

Material: Plastic

Color: Black

Capacity: max Ø 7.0 x 4.0 H

Type of lock: Plastic Key

Centre feed: No

Width (inch): 5.9

Length (inch): 17

Height (inch): 10.2

Pieces/Consumption units: 1

Packaging: neutral bag

Gross weight (lbs): 2.75

Ean: 10613796160093

Pack: 1

Packaging: Printed box

Height (inch): 10.7

Width (inch): 6.3

Length (inch): 17.3

Gross weight (lbs): 2.75

Case/pallet: 204

Base parts/pallet: 34

Height parts/pallet: 6

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