Single Bathroom Tissue Heavenly Soft Special

Code 410000

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Code: 410000

Quality: Special

Material: Virgin

Color: White

Embossing: Art Acorn

Plies: 2

Centre feed: No

Roll length (feet): 146

Diameter (inch): 4.3

Core diameter (inch): 1.61

Tear numbers: 500

Tear height (inch): 4.5

Sheet lenght (inch): 3.5

Width (inch): 4.3

Length (inch): 4.3

Height (inch): 4.5

Pieces/Consumption units: 1

Packaging: Printed Paper Package Band For Single Roll Wrap

Net weight (lbs): 0.324

Gross weight (lbs): 0.344

Ean: 00613796112309

Pack: 96

Packaging: Printed box

Height (inch): 18.3

Width (inch): 17.2

Length (inch): 25.8

Net weight (lbs): 31.14

Gross weight (lbs): 35.02

Case/pallet: 25

Base parts/pallet: 5

Height parts/pallet: 5

Height pallet: 96.1

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