Taking Technology to the Restroom

12 March 2019

With a new year already underway, facility managers should be keeping a pulse on emerging trends in restroom maintenance to stay ahead of the curve and support customer satisfaction in 2019. As technology continues to transform our world, it can also bring substantial improvements to your restroom. In spring of 2018, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) incorporated a smart restroom traffic management system that informs travelers which stalls are occupied using lights. Creating a positive experience for guests and protecting your reputation can often come down to working smarter, not harder. Implementing smart solutions and innovative products can help bring your restrooms into the future.

Toilet Tissue Technology

Certain restroom products are designed to streamline maintenance and improve the customer experience. For example, there now exists advanced toilet paper that can help reduce clogs and their associated costs. When this paper makes contact with water, it activates natural, non-pathogenic microorganisms that produce enzymes to eat away dirt in the toilet’s pipes. The microorganisms reproduce to multiply the cleaning effect, and once they’ve finished working, they biodegrade. This groundbreaking technology does not leave behind residue, odor or negative environmental impact.

In addition, clog-preventing paper towels are now available that won’t block pipes if they are accidentally flushed down the toilet. Investing in products that dissolve this way helps cut down on disastrous clogs. Keep your facility well-stocked with smart paper products to avoid lengthy lines, customer complaints and unnecessary and time-consuming maintenance expenditures.

Hands-Free Dispensing

A 2015 study found that most restroom guests prefer the ease of automatic, sensor-operated fixtures. Not only does touchless technology make dispensers easier to use, it eliminates the need to directly handle things like faucets, soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers, thereby reducing the spread of germs. For these reasons, many businesses are pivoting to hands-free dispensing systems, including those for paper towels.

Papernet offers a Touchless Roll Towel dispenser, which uses a motion sensor and a unique internal mechanism to minimize the spread of bacteria and paper waste. The dispenser provides users with one paper towel, and can dispense a second, shorter towel if desired. By automating simple restroom processes, your business gives patrons a more modern restroom experience.

A Smarter Solution

Technology is increasingly pervading the world of facility design, from building layout to product selection. Investing in products that incorporate technology is not only good for your bottom line, but can help protect visitor health. Stocking your facility’s restrooms with smartly designed paper products and dispensers will help project a positive image to guests while also reducing costs for your business.