Stocking Essentials for a Clean Restroom

26 March 2019

If you manage a business, you can never underestimate the significance of a clean, well-stocked restroom. High foot traffic in places like retail stores, restaurants, hotels and fitness centers make regular restroom maintenance a necessity for ensuring customer satisfaction.

Customers demand cleanliness

Clean restrooms are closely tied to customers’ opinions about a business. According to a 2013 survey, some of the most common restroom issues that can damage business image include dirty or sticky floors, unflushed toilets, odor and overflowing trash cans. A 2018 Harris Poll also revealed that a clogged restroom toilet would negatively impact perception of a business for 86 percent of Americans.

Today, a negative guest experience can result in less repeat business, as well as scare away other potential patrons. How is this possible? Social media makes it easier than ever for dissatisfied customers to shame businesses with unclean restrooms. Plus, research shows that 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Essential solutions for your restrooms

Certain restroom products can simplify maintenance and exceed guests’ expectations. Consider the following solutions for your facility’s restrooms:


  • Biodegradable toilet paper. Advanced toilet tissue products can help reduce toilet clogs and the costs and negative backlash associated with these scenarios. When this paper makes contact with water, it activates natural, non-pathogenic microorganisms that produce enzymes to eat away dirt in the toilet’s pipes. The microorganisms reproduce, multiplying the cleaning effect. Once their work is complete, the enzymes biodegrade, leaving behind no residue, odor or negative environmental impact. No longer do businesses need to close restrooms or stalls to fix a toilet clog. Customers will appreciate that they can quickly use a restroom free of unsightly issues and odors.


  • Dissolvable paper towels. Stock paper towels that won’t block pipes if they are accidentally flushed down the toilet. Be sure that in addition to dissolving when making contact with water, these products also feature high absorbency to quickly dry hands.


  • Automatic dispensers. An electronic dispenser can help control the consumption of paper towels to reduce unnecessary waste. Dispensers should be constructed from durable materials, sleek in design and resistant to corrosive chemicals. High-quality dispensers will keep restrooms looking their best while reducing replacement costs for a facility.


Touchless faucets. Customers tend to prefer touchless fixtures because it limits the number of surfaces with which their hands come into contact before and after handwashing. Hands-free faucets turn off automatically to conserve water. Touchless features also have the added benefit of accumulating

Successful businesses are ones that find ways to maintain a positive brand image and improve the bottom line. Regularly checking and cleaning restrooms can help minimize long lines, costly disasters like clogged toilets and social media firestorms, and ensure that guests turn into repeat customers who share their positive experiences with other potential patrons.