Safety and Sustainability: A Perfect Pair

19 March 2019

Cleanliness is always a priority for facility managers, but sustainability has emerged in recent years as a key consumer demand. In fact, nearly 3 in 5 Americans (57 percent) believe paper towel dispensers in public restrooms usually waste more product than necessary, according to a national Harris Poll commissioned by Sofidel. Customer satisfaction not only hinges on a hygienic restroom, but an ongoing commitment to the environment.

Sanitary Concerns

Research consistently reinforces that customers expect restrooms to be hygienic, will avoid businesses that do not prioritize cleanliness and will likely spend more money at businesses with clean restrooms. Too often, however, guests encounter run-down restrooms that are visibly dirty with out-of-stock supplies.

The nature of restrooms also makes them a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. After flushing a toilet, the water removing waste from the bowl mixes with small particles of the waste, dispersing aerosolized fecal matter into the air. Some recent reports estimate that this “toilet plume” can shoot up to 15 feet in the air, potentially reaching other restroom surfaces like toilet paper dispensers.

Germs are flung even further with the help of hand dryers. Several studies have demonstrated that these units spread bacteria, including fecal and antibiotic-resistant E.coli bacteria, across surfaces such as the floor and sinks.

Reducing Waste, Improving Sustainability

Another restroom issue is that guests often take more product than they actually need. In fact, many people use around 5 feet of toilet paper during each restroom visit. The same Harris Poll also found that 1 in 4 Americans (24 percent) admit to taking more paper towels than necessary in a public restroom. 

Thankfully, facilities can select restroom essentials that support cleanliness while also reducing waste. For example, our new Papernet HyTech Auto-Cut Jumbo Roll Tissue (JRT) dispenser encloses toilet paper rolls completely to prevent the spread of germs in stalls. Customers have easy access to the paper and don’t have to reach into the dispenser for a new roll. The dispenser also automatically cuts the toilet paper. This limits people to a few sheets at a time to reduce the tendency to take too much product.

Meanwhile, Papernet’s Touchless Roll Towel dispenser uses a motion sensor and innovative internal mechanism to reduce the spread of germs and paper waste. The dispenser provides customers with an individual paper towel, and, if a second sheet is desired, a shorter length towel is dispensed. The unique paper-saving mode allows facilities to select the desired savings percentage (zero percent, 12 percent or 25 percent), set a 1-, 2- or 3-second time delay and choose the sheet length. This offers 15 percent savings compared to a standard towel dispenser.

When it comes to providing the best restroom experience for your guests, safety and sustainability go hand in hand. Equipping restrooms with smartly designed dispensers will help maintain a positive image for your business and impress customers.