Making Customers Feel Welcome

1 October 2018

When customers visit your business, they want a relaxing, worry-free and clean experience in your restrooms. If expectations aren’t met, patrons may complain to friends or to a larger audience via social media. There are numerous restroom pitfalls you must avoid to maintain guest satisfaction and loyalty and drive increased profits. 

Common Restroom Complaints

A 2018 poll found that a vast majority of Americans say that negative online reviews about restrooms would deter them from visiting a hotel (91 percent) and a restaurant (89 percent).[1] Because online reviews have the power to influence the bottom line, it’s important for all businesses to understand key restroom issues that might drive patrons away, including:

  • Unpleasant odors. More than 65 percent of Americans say if smells are mentioned in an online hotel or restaurant review, this would deter them from visiting. Regular restroom cleaning can help keep foul odors from ruining the customer experience.
  • Clogged toilets. Clogged toilets are both unsightly and smelly and can result in customer complaints or long restroom lines when stalls are not functional.
  • Closed or out-of-order restrooms. Closed restroom stalls or entire restrooms being out of operation due to maintenance issues can irritate guests. Issues should be addressed in a timely manner so there is no downtime for stalls and restrooms.
  • Out-of-stock essentials. One of the worst feelings is finding a restroom with no toilet paper, paper towels or soap. These items must be regularly stocked and checked frequently to ensure a full inventory at all times.

The Keys to a Clean Restroom

To show customers that you value their business and avoid one-star reviews on social media, it’s important to keep restrooms clean. Managers should create a daily cleaning schedule and train workers on cleanliness standards to ensure staff understand their responsibilities and maintain consistent results throughout the business and across multiple locations. Staff must clean and regularly restock restrooms, especially during high-traffic hours.

Business managers should also consider purchasing paper products that are proven to reduce the risk of toilet clogs. To help eat away dirt in pipes, advanced biodegradable toilet paper activates non-pathogenic microorganisms when it contacts the water. The enzymes then biodegrade and flush away without leaving behind any residue or odor. Limiting the number of toilet clogs will reduce costly plumbing issues and maintenance downtime.

Don’t risk your business’s reputation by overlooking the state of your restrooms. Clean and functional facilities communicate to customers that they are valued and increase the chance that they will return and leave positive reviews that encourage new patrons to visit your business.