Market research shows that its absorbency and strength are comparable to a traditional hand towel. 
In contact with water, it dissolves in 3 minutes, as demonstrated by the disintegration of tissue products scientific test performed by centre technique du papier in Grenoble, France. 
It is a Sofidel exclusive product. Dissolve Tech is a Papernet exclusive product that owes its original formula to years of scientific research and technological innovation.

Dissolve Tech advantages
market reasearch shows that in Europe clogs represent a 1 billion euro problem. Dissolve Tech: 

  • reduces the risk of clogs in pipes in hotels, hospitals, airplanes, trains, ships, and in general all those places that experience clogging problems. 

  • spares working staff the stress of emergency calls during normal service.

  • 30% cost savings. market research shows that, to thoroughly dry hands, 2 dissolve tech hand towels suffice, compared to 3 traditional flushable towels.

Dissolve Tech is superior 

Dissolve Tech has a very high wet strength that ensures the resistance and absorbency of a normal hand towel during hand drying. after three minutes, the hand towel’s strength dissipates, making dissolve tech behave in a similar way to toilet paper. 
Dissolve Tech brilliantly passed the technical flushability assessment performed by the centre technique du papier in grenoble, france, which demonstrates that its behavior makes it compatible with being thrown in the toilet.