Jumbo Roll Bio Tech
Cod. 415594
Bio Tech
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Jumbo Roll Bio Tech toilet tissue is an ideal option for high-traffic facilities that want to limit the risk of expensive toilet clogs in restrooms. Enzymes in the toilet paper are activated by water and eliminate organic matter in pipes that can cause blockages that lead to odors, unsightly messes and emergency maintenance calls. To be effective, Bio Tech products must be used consistently for about four weeks.

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Code: 415594
Material: Virgin Pulp
Color: White
Embossing: Micro
Roll length (feet): 700
Roll diameter (inch): 7.83
Core diameter (inch): 3.41
Plies: 2
Grammage (lbs): 9.2
Tear numbers: 1
Sheet height (inch): 3.31
Sheet length (inch): 8,400.00
EAN: 10613796155945
Pieces / Consumption units: 1
Net weight (lbs): 1.15
Gross weight (lbs): 1.21
Length (inch): 7.83
Width (inch): 7.83
Height (inch): 3.31
Packaging / Pack: Individual Unit
Pack: 12
Height (inch): 6.81
Width (inch): 15.67
Length (inch): 23.54
Volume (ft³): 1.45
Net weight (lbs): 13.75
Gross weight (lbs): 15.52
Packaging / Case: Printed box
Case / Pallet: 65
Height pallet (inch): 93
Base parts / Pallet: 5
Height parts/pallet: 13

Jumbo Roll

Say goodbye to frequent roll changes with septic-safe Jumbo Rolls from Papernet. This economical solution offers feet after feet of toilet tissue to reduce restroom maintenance costs.

Hygiene in one sheet

The Bio Tech range includes paper embedded with natural microorganisms that are activated through contact with water. The enzymes target organic matter in pipes, exponentially multiplying until all matter is gone and then safely biodegrading. To be effective, Bio Tech products must be used consistently for about four weeks.

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