Dissolve Tech Hand Towels Nominated as 2016 PPI Award Finalist
October 20, 2016

Sofidel announced that Papernet Dissolve Tech paper towel is a finalist for the Tissue Innovation Award for the 2016 Pulp and Paper International (PPI) Awards.

“These PPI Award nominations highlight our commitment to protecting people and organizations’ brands through innovation,” said Fabio Vitali, Vice President AFH Marketing & Sales for Sofidel America. “We bring decades of experience of product innovation and sustainable solutions to the market, so it is thrilling to have our company leadership and products recognized.”

Dissolve Tech is a hand towel that dries hands like a conventional paper towel but can be flushed in the toilet. The paper is highly absorbent, and dissolves within three minutes of making contact with water to eliminate any risk of clogging. Dissolve Tech also works to keep pipes clean, limiting the use of chemical products for sewage maintenance systems, resulting in less waste and negative impacts on the environment.

The 2016 PPI Awards will take place in Brussels, Belgium on Nov. 21. The awards honor leadership, vision, innovation, and strategic accomplishments of companies, mills and individuals within the forest product industry.
For more information about Papernet, visit http://www.papernet.com/americas
For more information about Sofidel, visit www.sofidel.com 
For more information about the PPI Awards, visit http://events.risiinfo.com/ppi-awards/
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