A single brand, for a single market

With Papernet, Sustainable Hygiene, the Sofidel Group comes onto the market offering a single, recognisable, young identity destined to become top-of-mind for large and small customers alike.
Papernet is sustainable hygiene and aims to orient purchases through simplicity and offer solutions that make the brand different from its market competitors. Choosing Papernet means choosing sustainable hygiene, combining maximum environmental performance with maximum hygienic performance.

A single brand for clear positioning

Papernet is the new Sofidel Group brand for its Away-from-Home Tissue market range.
The Sofidel Group, second European player and consumer market leader with Regina, Softis, Sopalin, Le Trèfle, Onda and Volare is growing rapidly on the professional market, too, where its goal is to reach a similar position shortly also thanks to Papernet.

A single brand, for a really unique product

The Sofidel Group has dedicated its usual attention for quality and innovation to Papernet too. The result is a product range that stands out for its hygienic and environmental performance.
Papernet chooses sustainability and hygiene as strategic values and meets its goal of a highly effective professional product created respecting the environment and energy savings.