Handy for your meals, perfect for you

Ready Table is the new Papernet range, made up of new versatile and practical products.

The products that meet your needs

Our Ready Table items comply with every occasion to use. Starting from the classical white napkins, that are now available with a new color palette, up to a completely new product: the table cloth roll.

Not only napkins! Ready Table livens up your meals

The table cloth roll is the perfect solution to always have a tidy table, and yet enjoy a touch of color and originality. Moreover, it is completely recyclable, following our environmentally friendly philosophy.

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Papernet Napkins 33*33 virgin pulp

Cod. 415237

White napkins 33*33

Quality Special

Papernet white napkins 29*29

Cod. 415238

White napkins 29*29

Quality Special

Papernet White napkins 33*33

Cod. 400710

White napkins 33*33

Quality Special

Papernet Napkins 38*38

Cod. 404270

White napkins 38*38

Quality Special

Papernet Interfolded Napkins

Cod. 416164

Interfolded Napkins

Quality Special

Cod. 415205


Quality Special

Tablecloth Paper Roll white

Cod. 411208

Tablecloth Paper Roll

Quality Special

Papernet Napkins

Cod. 415227


Quality Special

Papernet White napkins 25*25

Cod. 415236

White napkins 25*25

Quality Special

Papernet Ready Table Bar Napkins

Cod. 415242

Bar Napkins