More tissue, less waste

Full Tech guarantees 100 mt of performance

The new Full Tech toilet tissue roll is really 100% performance. In addition to the quality assured by pure cellulose from certified sources, the absence of the core optimizes the spaces by offering, with a very small size, over 100 meters of product.

Full Tech reduces refilling frequency

Full Tech is your best ally in time savings. Each recharge provides over 200 meters of service, reducing the frequency and cost of charging. The vertical expansion of the dispenser is ideal for small rooms, offering a longer duration than a Mini Jumbo roll, but occupying half the space.

Full Tech reduces waste

The absence of the roll core makes it possible to achieve a positive impact on the environment  and to save time, not requiring the disposal of the cardboard.

Full Tech reduces CO2 emissions*

Full Tech rolls, compared to conventional rolls or Mini Jumbo rolls, require less use of packagings and of means of transport, helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

*-67% of  CO2 emissions compared to conventional toilet tissue rolls, thanks to: absence of the roll core (20%), product optimization (40%), and greater quantity of paper carried by the single truck (40%). Data reference year: 2017. Assumptions: our trucks travel 500 km per day (average). Basis of comparison: Ton per product

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